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HBC Radiomatic


The renowned control in pocket size



The versatile control for diverse one-step applications.


Smart design for relaxed work.

quandrix Ex

The compact push button transmitter with ATEX and NEC / CEC approval.


vector pro

The versatile handheld transmitter for special applications.

patrol s

The compant all-rounder for machines and forestry applications.

micron M

Compact micron design with smart merlin technology


micron 5

The classic for cranes and machinery.

micron 7

The high-performing push button transmitter with built-in color display.

linus 4

The compact linear lever control for 4 stepless drives.

linus 6

The classic with levers for 6 stepless drives.

technos A

Smart technos design in a compact format.

technos B

The powerful technos transmitter with large function range.


spectrum 1

Rugged quality for the control of cranes and machines.

spectrum A

Robust spectrum design with a display.

spectrum 2

The heavy duty radio control with large function range.

spectrum B

Top performance with built-in display.

spectrum 3

The renowned spectrum classic with XL equipment.

spectrum D

The high-performing radio control with large equipment and display technology.

spectrum E

Maximum performanve for the most demanding machinery applications.

spectrum Ex

The versatile control for hazardous areas.