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Rotary Drilling Rig ZR220C-3

  • Version 2.0 power matching and limit load control technology, working efficiency increased by 10%.

  • 2 speeds push/pull crowd cylinder, efficiency increased by 20%.

  • One button for soil-discharge, one button for hole-cleaning to ease the operations.

  • Equipped 22 self auto-check , safety and performance monitoring.

  • The supporting Angle of the mast cylinder increased 2 times, and the center of gravity of the whole machine is reduced by 60mm, which greatly improves the working stability.

  • VI generation rotary head, three-stage buffer device, three-stage shock absorption measures, greatly reduce the vibration of the whole machine when working.

  • Drilling tools for different purposes with different specifications such as long or short augers, generic-use drilling buckets and core barrels, etc., are equipped to satisfy construction requirements in different geological conditions.

Drilling Diameter(mm)2000
Drilling Depth(m)inter-locking48/56
Drilling Speed(r/min)6~25
Engine ModelCummins QSL9
Rated Power(kw)242
Rated Engine Speed(r/min)2000
Max.Crowd Force(kN)220
Max.Crowd Cylinder Pull(kN)220
Line Pull(main winch)(kN)210/230
Line Speed(main winch)(m/min)69/72
Line Pull(aux.winch)(kN)90
Line Speed(aux.winch)(m/min)66
Operating Mass(t)72/74
Traction Force(kN)423
Rope diameter(Main winch)(mm)28/32
Rope diameter(auxiliary winch)(mm)22
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