Scanreco Remote Control


The transmitters are developed for professionals who use them day in and day out. The controls are sized and carefully positioned to be as convenient as possible and support heavy usage for many hours without causing operator fatigue. The product range includes hand-held pushbutton transmitters as well as different versions with joysticks or levers. Two-way communication enables operator feedback from the controlled machine.

Rocket Flex Transmitter
Pocket Transmitter
Mini Transmitter
Handy 10 Transmitter
Maxi Transmitter


The receivers are developed and optimized for different transmitter models and application types. The product family includes traditional digital and proportional outputs as well as fieldbus technology. The receiver units are designed, manufactured, and tested to withstand extreme environmental conditions such as shock, vibration, electromagnetic disturbances and they are potted with epoxy to protect them against dust and water in all forms.

G5 Receiver
G4 Receiver
G3 Receiver
G2 Receiver


In addition to the standard package you can also order accessories. Many useful accessories for your remote control system are available. The main focus has been to find flexible and useful accessories that are ergonomic and easy to use.

Battery Charger Rocket Flex
Cradle Indication Rocket Flex
Case for Rocket Flex
Case for Pocket
Antenna extensions for Receivers
Cigarette lighter plug 10-30VDC for Handy
Silicon cover for Handy
Protective case for Handy
Battery charger for +12/24 VDC
Battery charger for 110-230 VAC
Battery pack
Slide belt
Waist belt
Shoulder vest
Shoulder hook